Our eco-responsible actions

Tourisme Durable en Cévennes

Tourisme Durable en Cévennes

Because limiting our impact on the environment, preserving our natural and cultural capital is an essential issue for our planet, the Bastide Saint Julien has positioned itself with regard to Sustainable and Responsible Tourism, but also the preservation of Biodiversity. of the Cévennes National Park, through simple daily actions and gestures


So we made the choice to:


work with local producers, suppliers and artisans and promote their work to our visitors. The breakfasts are composed of local and artisanal products. homemade jams are made with local and seasonal fruits, organic or from sustainable agriculture. Bread and pastries served fresh every morning are provided by a local baker.


Reduce energy consumption,with the renovation of the house, including the installation of a heat pump, the change of joinery, the insulation of the attic, the cellar.


Reduce water consumption with showers in the rooms, as well as thermostatic mixing valves, flow limiters at the taps. It is proposed to guests staying several nights to reuse towels, these do not need to be washed.


Use natural or organic products for home maintenance.


Offer organic hospitality products (soap, shower gel, shampoo) in dispensers rather than individually packaged.


Make our guests aware of our responsible practices and behaviors by offering glass water bottles (filtered water) and not plastic, by practicing selective sorting of waste.It will also be a question of encouraging people to turn off the air conditioners when leaving the room and close the shutters during the hottest hours to keep the interior cool.


Offer informed advice on stays with a more virtuous and meaningful tourist offer, by encouraging the practice of tourism that respects our environment ( hiker's charter in the Cevennes click here ), more local, focused on meeting the actors places carrying traditions


Acting on the respect of Biodiversity, Establishment at the Gate of the Cevennes National Park obliges, by limiting exterior lighting as much as possible, in favor of the return of nocturnal insects, and bats for example, fond of mosquitoes which annoy us so much summer, but also, for the development of our International Dark Sky Reserve (RICE )


Exclude the use of phytos products in the garden and favor endemic plants of the Cevennes, requiring little water. Pull weeds manually.